How To Start a Home Care Business the Right Way

Let’s face it, we work to earn a paycheck, put food on the table, and money in our retirement accounts. The more money you can earn and save, the better off you are.

Home care is going to be a wonderful business to own for decades to come, as the “graying of America” requires more and more help. How you get into this business will hugely determine how much of that money discussed above ends up in your pocket.

There are four ways for you to get into home care:

Start an agency from scratch (very tough without previous experience, very costly due to the mistakes you will make (which you cannot afford to do) and in the competitive market))
Buy an existing agency (generally cost prohibitive…at least a couple 100 thousand dollars)
Buy into home care franchises (HUGE initial investment, average of 10% royalty of your gross sales, and a limited territory you cannot serve outside of)
Attend Home Care Seminar, benefit from 42 years of home care experience, truly be your own boss, and most importantly, hold onto the money you earn!

We at Home Care Seminars feel that paying a franchisor 10% of your gross sales for as long as you own your agency is wasteful. Frankly, you are going to need the franchisors support and help for the first year or two. After that, their value falls off a cliff yet you continue to pay their royalties!

Home Care Seminar will send you home with a “turn-key” home care agency. Everything you need to start, run, and manage your agency from day one is included. All of your marketing templates, all of your human resources materials, all of your compliance and everything else necessary to run the agency on a day to day basis are included. The only thing you WILL need to purchase is QuickBooks Pro, since we are not a vendor for QuickBooks.

More important than the materials we send you home with are the 40 plus hours of class room training our staff will share with you. With over 43 years in the industry, our trainers are expert in home care, and will share with you the secrets of running a successful home care agency.

We have trained hundreds of individuals over the past 6 years to own and run their home care agencies. Guess what, only one of them, Charles, had a medical background. The vast majority of individuals we train have business backgrounds. So do you need a medical background to run a home care agency? No you do not!

Click our FAQ page to view our responses to questions people typically ask us about our training

What Is Senior Home Care?

Caregivers and Aides play a crucial role in improving the quality of life for those who are not chronically ill, yet require some type of supervision and assistance. The 2000 Census reports that the current year value of companion services is estimated at $6.4 billion and is expected to increase up past $8 billion as the Baby Boomer generation continues to age. Here are some compelling statistics:

Seniors prefer to stay in the comfort of their own home; it is called “Aging in Place.”
In 2010 the U.S. population of those aged 65 or older was 35 million strong. By 2030 that number will be 70 million.
A vast majority of adult children live several hundred miles away from their parents, which makes providing assistance extremely difficult.
January 5, 2010 – The US Bureau of Labor named the Senior Care Industry as having three out of the top ten job growth markets through to 2020.
Entrepreneur Magazine stated that, “The senior home care industry is only in its first inning, and dramatic explosive growth is still to come in the next three decades ahead.”

What do you cover in the 5 day training?

Monday – Industry overview, Business Plan Review, Competitive Analysis, Service Offering and Pricing

Tuesday – Sales, Marketing, Advertising and Promotion. Our owner and founder, Gavin Densmore, has over 30 years sales experience (14 years in home care) coupled with a Bachelors and Masters degree in Marketing. A brief outline of the day is:
Basic sales technique
Referral sources
Corporate Sales
Google/Yahoo/YouTube advertising
Paid for leads
Since sales and new client development are so critical to the success of your agency, we will spend a whole day on where to get your clients, how to get them, and how to keep the referrals coming into your agency. In addition, we will send you home with 8 separate sales and marketing videos you can watch at your convenience.

Wednesday – Human Resources, New Hire Orientation, and RN Supervision, Client Intake, Assessment, and Plan of Care development . Your employees will make your agency, or break it. The average tenure of our employee at our home care agency is 8.5 years. That is the type of aide retention that you want. We will teach and coach you to find the right employees, and share with you how to hold on to them!

Thursday – Technology plays a huge role in a successful home care agency, and we will share all the secrets with you Thursday. We will train you on a scheduling program that you will take home with you, we will discuss the benefits of telephony, and how to use it to manage your employees,and as a sales tool to bring in new clients. We spend the last half of the day teaching you QuickBooks and how to do invoicing and payroll.

Friday – Medicaid is one funding source for your agency, and one that we will train you in. Friday we spend the first half of the day reviewing agency management, and Medicaid as a funding source. There are hundreds of agencies in the country that do nothing BUT Medicaid. The last half of the day is a review of what you will be taking home with you, and then GRADUATION! the various successful methods of running an office and how to schedule and incent your C.N.A.s to be a professional face to your company (includes hands on software training). What is normal? How many hours and what type of hours do they expect to work? How far should you push them? We will send you home with a scheduling program!

What Will It Cost?

Our fee is $17,500 with a mandatory $250/month support fee for the first 12 months. After that, support is optional. Once you are trained, you will gain lifetime access to a network of over 50 agencies and growing every month. In addition to the training fee, you will need $2,000 for insurance, $3,000 for printing costs, and $8,000 for your first year marketing budget

What Do I Get With Your Training?

Our business development manager can help you understand all the benefits of joining our organization but here are some of the things you get as a trainee of Home Care Seminar LLC (HCS):

Assistance with LLC formation, and state licensing
Policies and Procedures Manual
New Hire Orientation Manual and New Employee Handbook
Sales and Marketing Form Letters
Personalized Website
Marketing Templates
Access to Group Discounted Insurance, Payroll Services, and Criminal Background Checks
Free Scheduling Software
Caregiver / Aide Training videos
Start Up Kit containing New Hire Forms and New Client Forms
Mock up Client Chart and Employee chart
And Much More!!!
How Will I Get Clients?

Frankly, you will get new new home care clients one of two ways: either they will be referred to your agency based up the relationships that you have formed, or the will come to you through a paid for lead. We will spend all day Tuesday teaching you “relationship marketing” as well as explaining what paid for lead sources are available to you. We will reinforce this training by sending you home with 8 different videos focused on sales and marketing for a home care agency.

Why Choose Home Care Seminar?

We have a 98% success ratio in our training! In six years, all of our trainees are successful to this day, with the exception of one (we are still friends on Facebook though)
HCS was founded by senior care professionals who have a proven track record of starting their own senior home care business in Raleigh North Carolina’s highly competitive market (with over 100 existing home care agencies) and growing it into a million dollar annual gross revenue operation. The founders teach the seminar courses so you learn from those who actually own a home care agency and have successfully grown it.
Bare none, we are the most affordable turn key solution for the home care business (please compare apples to apples if you are looking at other ways to enter the home care market)
Our low start up cost allows you to put your money where it counts – into your local marketing efforts that will get you clients.
A benefit of NOT being a franchise is that you can grow and expand your business interests in any direction you feel. Once you have your home care agency up and running, there are a number of ancillary businesses that you can “bolt on” that will leverage your existing agency, and be an additional revenue stream for you.
Please contact us or see our FAQ page for more reasons why HCS is the best senior care business opportunity in the market today!
Testimonials. Whenever you are looking to start a new business with help, you should be a little skeptical. While we pledge to always “do right by you”, please take a few minutes to review our trainee testimonials. These are individuals that have gone through Home Care Seminar, and after having been in the business for a year or two, are glad they did! See Client Stories page for testimonials and pictures from our trainees. Contact information for our previous trainees is available after you have gone through a qualification process.