Pleased to announce new Home Care agency owners!

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We love training new home care agency owners!  In a previous life many moons ago, I had thought that I wanted to be a professor; my father talked me out of it (he’s a retired prof!)  Maybe it was dad, maybe it was the idea of having to publish, but I never got to teach in a college setting.

Until now!  Teaching individuals to run and manage their own Senior Care agencies scratches the itch for me I think.  To date we have trained 61 elder care agency owners from around the country, and the world (that’s right, we trained Dr. Charles from Ghana Africa)!  To my knowledge, 60 of them are still in business to this day, which gives us a success rate of over 98%.  There are not too many franchise organizations that can claim that!

What makes Home Care Seminar unique?  First I think it is that we own and operate our own Home Care agency, and have for the past 15 plus years.  We are in the trenches day in and day out, caring for seniors in their homes.  We are living the life when an employee calls out, and we need to find a replacement aide to fill in.  We are always looking for another new, great employee to add to our ranks.  So when we sit down across from a trainee at our conference room table, and we share with them our experience, it is real life, not ivory tower material!

I believe we also owe our success and that of our trainee’s to our instructors.  Three of the five teachers are home care agency owners themselves.  They too are in the senior care industry day in and day out, worrying about their clients and their employees just like we do!  They do a remarkable job conveying that to our trainees.  All told, if you added up the years of experience of our trainers in the senior care industry, we have over 45 years experience.  Not too shabby!

We also sincerely care about our trainee’s success.  If you spend 40 plus hours with an individual, eating breakfast and lunch with them, breaking bread, they become part of the family.  We are proud of each and every agency we have helped to train over the past 8 years,and are delighted to know that they are running home care agencies with the same level of professionalism that we do at our agency!

Most recently we have had the pleasure of training Jose and Dalena from Orange County California.  We are especially thrilled in the Jose served 7 honorable years in the Marines, and as a thank you, we extended a 10% discount to he and his wife.  It is just our way of saying thank you and giving back!  Jose and Dalena’s agency is named Always Caring In-Home Care Service and we are thrilled to be bringing them along!

Judy and Paula went through training last month, and they are currently working their way through licensing with the State of North Carolina.  Judy is a LPN, with experience in eldercare, so we KNOW she is going to do AWESOME once she receives her license.  The name of her agency is A Better Life In-Home Care and she will be serving the Triangle market of North Carolina.



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