Policies & Procedures: Every agency needs good, solid Policies & Procedures to help guide them through the day to day operation of their agency; Home Care Seminars are top of the line! Whether your agency is in North Carolina, New York, or Texas, our Policies & Procedures are right for you. Honed to a fine edge over 14 years of home care operation, they are just what you need. – $1,000.00

New Admission Forms: Everyone of your clients will end up with the same set of forms being completed for them. Why buy your nursing forms from a “forms website” when a) you will pay per form for them which is grossly expensive, b) they will not be customized to your agency (nice to have your name and logo on the forms!) Home Care Seminars will sell you a complete set of new admission forms for both companion cases, as well as “hands on” aide cases. All you need to do is insert your name into them, along with your logo! – $1,000.00

Agency in a Box: Everything you need to start up your Home Care agency. Marketing and sales templates, Human Resources, Compliance, Operations, Nursing, Forms, Policies & Procedures, Scheduling Software… it is all included. We will even send you home with a mock up client file and employee file so you can have something to model your files on. – $8,750 plus 12 months of support at $250/month (support limited to 3 hours a month).

5 Day, All – Inclusive Seminar: Are you coming out of an industry that has nothing to do with Home Care? Do you want to stack the odds in your favor for a successful agency? Home Care has become an incredibly competitive market, and is getting more so each day.

Let Home Care Seminars jump start your agency and tip the scale in your favor of success with our 5 Day Seminar. During the 5 day, 40 hour Seminar we will assist you with everything necessary to be successful in today’s ultra-competitive Home Care market, from Sales & Marketing to Hiring the correct employee’s right down to competitive analysis and naming your agency (did you know there is a trick to it that can put 100’s of thousands of dollars in your pocket?), we can help you.

At the end of the 5 days, you will have everything necessary to start, run, and manage your agency, and you will have our 43 years of Home Care experience to call on for support. Below is a partial list of the things you will take home from the 5 Day Seminar: $17,500.00 plus 12 months of support at $250/month.

Policies and Procedures Manual
Nursing Forms for new clients
Employee Handbook
New Admission Forms
Sales & Marketing Templates
Access to Discounted Insurance, Payroll Services, and Time and Attendance services
Free Scheduling Software
Caregiver / Aide Training videos
Mock up of a employee files as well as a client file
First Month Telephone and E-mail support
Licensing Guidance