What Ongoing Support Does Home Care Seminars Provide?

Be assured that should you utilize Home Care Seminars revolutionary training program to start your own home care agency that we will be here to support you in the coming years. After all, we have owned our home care agency for 16 years, have 45 years experience, and the market is only going to continue to get better!

Our day to day support consists of telephone, e-mail, and Skype between the hours of 9am and 5pm EST. In addition to being there for you on a day to day basis, we will also sponsor Webinars, Site Visits back to HCS, as well as annual conventions. Of course you will go home with our owners personal mobile number, and he is happy to help you out, even after hours! All for $250/month!

Home Care Training Support

Home Care Seminars unique mix of proprietary sales and marketing training, human       resources, and recruiting will place you ahead of the competition and position you as the leader in your territory!

Remember, to run a successful home care agency you need to do four things consistently: sell and market your agency services, recruit great staff, schedule your employees without fail, and watch your expenses. Your greatest support need will be in the first couple of years, as you are getting your feet underneath you. Prior to committing to a major expense, call or e-mail us first. Allow us to do our jobs and share with you our 45 years of home care experience. If it sounds like a good idea, we will share that. If it sounds as if you are looking to make a costly mistake, we will share that too!

Who Provides The Support?

We do!! Our staff of 5 trainers that you have already established a great relationship with in your week of training. The individual providing the support will depend on the scenario but they all have real life experience working for successful home care agencies. Remember, we own and operate our own agency so you will get the content expert on the phone when you call or e-mail. We are committed to providing prompt and immediate support to all calls/emails from our members, no exceptions!


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