Are your caregivers and aides where they are supposed to be, day in, and day out?
How do you know they are working the hours they are scheduled?
Shocking as it may be, are they stealing time from you? Intentionally, or un-intentially
Ever have two timesheets for the same client, same day, same shift…but from different employees?
Telephony is a fancy way of saying that we know when a caregiver hasn’t arrived on time for a shift with a client. The first thing our caregivers do
when they arrive at a client’s home is to make a telephone call to our office computer.

Our TimeKeep’r computer software uses the technology of the 911 Emergency System to match the call to our schedule. The computer sends a signal to us within minutes if a caregiver has not arrived on time. The computer also matches the call to the client’s home telephone number to verify that the call was made from there.

When a caregiver hasn’t arrived, it’s time for TimeKeep’r to jump into action! It notifies us, and we get in touch with everyone involved immediately to ensure everyone is safe and aware of the problem. Then we quickly begin making the needed alternative arrangements to provide coverage to the client.

In addition to the benefits of Auto-Alert, our TimeKeep’r system prevents any argument about when a caregiver arrived and finished a
work shift. Billing and payroll are accurate 100% of the time. Our clients never pay for any time that a caregiver wasn’t on the job! TimeKeep’r allows us to be pro-active, rather than re-active with our clients and employees!

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