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Home Care Franchises and Your Future Investment

There is much debate about the value of a franchise when it comes to the home health care industry.  Home Care Seminars offers a solution to the franchise model to allow you a proven process, a play book, industry expert training, and more without the excessive fees you pay for many home care franchises.  Many people considering a home health care franchise business do not realize that the brand name has very little value, and others are surprised with the ongoing royalties and fees each year due to the franchisor, sometimes to the tune of $50,000 – $100,000 a year. Home care franchises are confusing, overpriced, and rarely worth the investment based on the brand you are buying into.  Read on further to  find some valuable resources for your home care franchise research.


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Why Consider Buying a Home Health Care Franchise

When investing in home care franchises, the major factors to consider in your decision are what are you paying for, and what value does it bring to the overall life of the business.  Often times the book of how to’s, and the logo seem like a great buy.  However, what many franchises fail to warn you of is the lack of customers that these items provide.  They don’t mention the costs of marketing, the value of hard work and relationship building in the local market you serve and more.  These things are going to be the major factors in whether your home health care business succeeds of not.  The “how too book” may sound great, but its nothing you wont learn within 6 months of business anyway, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your continued hard earned profits year after year plus franchise fees for a book of best practices and a quarterly lunch with a franchise development person. It’s just not worth it.

Home Care Franchise Alternatives

With that said, why not consider Home Care Seminar’s play book. We offer an extensive week long training, along with a play book, industry forms for state operation, as well as helpful tips on marketing, and operation.  Instead of paying years of hard earned revenues to a franchise group, keep your profits, and train with Home Care Seminars.  You deserve to keep you hard earned money.  Give us a call today for a free 30 min consultation, and discuss how Home Care Seminars can help you in getting your new agency up and running with less red tape!  We can be reached easily at 919-632-8891 or you can contact us via our online form. We look forward to speaking to you soon!