If you have found your way to this page, it is likely you are considering ownership in a home health care agency franchise.  If that’s the case, please take a minute to consider the following:

Whats in a franchise?  A playbook, a brand, support, colleagues, network successes to name a few.  Now for businesses such as the famous McDonalds, or even a Jiffy Lube, those brands have strong name recognition. We all know them and have been to these places before.  The most important part of a franchise is the brand.

Some people considering a home health care agency haven’t considered the brand value in the business of choice.  Do people REALLY know the brand of the agency you may pay hundred of thousands of dollars for?  Statistics would say no.  If someone isnt in the industry, it is VERY unlikely that someone will reach out to a given Home Care Franchise because of the name.  In an industry such as this, its usually a persons reputation or because someone knows someone else.  With that being said, its important to consider what you are really gaining to pay hundreds of thousands to start, and thousands of dollars annually of your hard earned profits to a company that doesn’t bring overall that much benefit to your business.

As an alternative, what if you could buy the playbook, and get some education to cover the bases, and then be associated with others who have done the same thing.  Thats what Home Care Seminars does.
Below you will find a very accurate comparison between attending a Home Care Seminar and buying a home care franchise.

Home Health Care |Senior Care Franchise Cost Example

In addition to the fact that you will write a large check to your franchisor twice a month, here are some other reasons you may want to start your own home care agency through Home Care Seminar:

  • Unlimited territory; with a franchisor, they will pigeon hole you into a territory that you will be stuck with
  • After the first 1 to 2 years, your need for the franchisor falls of dramatically. Why pay royalty the rest of your life?    $35,000 to $50,000 a year, for as long as you own it; and that’s before YOU get paid!

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