At Home Care Seminars there is an understand that in the industry, the forms and red tap will be something nearly every owner needs help with.  Whether its a franchise, or not, these forms and materials keep everyone legally operating as a home health care business.  We offer these materials in a variety of ways.

Policies & Procedures: Every agency needs good, solid Policies & Procedures to help guide them through the day to day operation of their agency; Home Care Seminars are top of the line! Whether your agency is in North Carolina, New York, or Texas, our Policies & Procedures are right for you. Honed to a fine edge over 14 years of home care operation, they are just what you need. – $1,200.00

New Admission Forms: Everyone of your clients will end up with the same set of forms being completed for them. Why buy your nursing forms from a “forms website” when a) you will pay per form for them which is grossly expensive, b) they will not be customized to your agency (nice to have your name and logo on the forms!) Home Care Seminars will sell you a complete set of new admission forms for both companion cases, as well as “hands on” aide cases. All you need to do is insert your name into them, along with your logo! – $1,000.00


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